A Student Makers Council?

As I’m writing this list of supplies, I’m thinking that though it would be great to buy and have access to tools like a rivet gun, orbital sander, and hot wire cutter, students may never actually use them.  In addition, an abundance of tools may encourage absent-minded tinkering versus the Design Thinking for which we’re striving.  
Perhaps a “Makers Council” is in order.  Upon completing an orientation students would become members of the council.  The council would meet once a week to discuss Makerspace happenings including how the budget is allocated.  Students could propose both group and individual projects, discuss the funding necessary, and then call it to a vote.  I like that this method emphasizes the process & design thinking over the tools.  It would build soft skills among students as they plan, present, and implement their ideas.

One thought on “A Student Makers Council?

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