It’s quiet!

Makerspace Panoramic

Today was my first opportunity to measure the space and begin planning the layout.  I’ve been following in the footsteps of Kevin Jarrett and his NCS K4 STEMLAB Blog.  Documentation will be a crucial component of the work we do in the GCAA Makerspace, and Kevin’s led the way with an incredible blog that shows his K4 STEMLAB from inception through a full school year. 

Just as Kevin did, today I started by modeling the floor plan.  


The Makerspace comprises 2/3 of the GCAA library.  The other 1/3 will continue to be utilized as a library.  I fashioned a temporary library/makerspace separator using some rolling 2-sided bookshelves (right side of the picture), but I think I might leave them there, as they’d make good storage for student projects or supplies while still being used as library bookshelves on the other side.

One of the most challenging aspects of utilizing this space is going to be the limited number of outlets (3). This is likely due to the room’s position overlooking Grand and Powell Symphony Hall.  It makes for a beautiful view and one that’s rare for Makerspaces which tend to be in basements, garages or abandoned warehouses.  There’s quite complicated architecture on the exterior of the building and so it’d be hard to drop an outlet along any wall along the east side (south in the floor plan).  There may be another outlet behind the shelves, but otherwise we’ll make due with some extension cords and light strips. 

Much of the furniture currently in the room will utilized for the Makerspace.  I’ll have to take down some bookshelves that are screwed into the wall and replace them with these shelves which will have labeled boxes of supplies similar to how the Mythbusters warehouse is organized.  I’m also looking at painting select walls with Idea Paint, as Kevin did, so students can document their ideas on the fly.

Next up, combining all of these random notes I’ve written into one legible list of supplies!


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