Tool Cabinet DonorsChoose Project Posted!

Tool Cabinet DonorsChoose Project Posted!

By design, a Makerspace is organized chaos. While some students are may be designing an invention on a whiteboard, others are busy with computer programming, tweaking their prototypes, or working with a mentor. We know students are most driven to create when they have freedom to do so. However, with creative freedom comes the responsibility to be productive and safe. A tool cabinet will allow students to organize and access their supplies for inventing & making much more efficiently. While some drawers will be utilized for standard tools like wire cutters, sewing needles, and a saw, others will be for our high-tech prototyping tools like Arduinos, Makey Makeys, and NXT Robots. All the while, students will be learning Design Thinking, as well as the skills necessary to thrive in a society where versatility is essential.


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