iPads in the Makerspace!

We have just received word from Shearwater Education Foundation that our Makerspace was awarded 10 iPads!  We’re so thankful that Shearwater is sharing its resources, and look forward to putting the iPads to good use.

The iPads will have multiple functions in the Makerspace.

Skill Diversification: In today’s society, versatility is important.  Using the DIY app, students will learn various skills and tools while learning Design Thinking.

Game Design: Using the St. Louis developed app Pixel Press, students will learn the basics of computer programming & game design.

Documentation: Students will use WordPress and various Photo apps to document their progress on projects in the Makerspace.  This will provide authenticity to their work via a public audience and build writing skills.

Collaboration:  Design apps including the 123D series and collaboration apps such as Edmodo will be used in combination with the VGA connector for students to pitch invention ideas on a weekly basis.  In addition to design & STEAM skills, students will also be learning the soft skills of presentation and collaboration.

Thank you to Stephanie Krauss & the Shearwater Education Foundation for your support of our work!


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