GCAA Makerspace Grant Program

Our GoFundMe Proposal for the Makerspace Grant Program is live!

Student choice and ideation lead to the highest levels of intrinsic motivation. As such, we hope to empower Makerspace students with authentic grant opportunities to fund their ideas. We plan to raise $3800 to fund 38 “Makerspace Mini-Grants.” One $100 grant will be made available each week of the school year for students to apply for funding for their long-term projects. While some grants will have a specific focus: “Design a game that teaches a math concept,” others will be more open: “Propose a creative solution to a problem.” Grant applications will require that students plan & communicate project objectives, budgets, and evaluation instruments. This type of authentic writing is cross-curricular and aligns to the National Standards for Arts Education goal of utilizing the arts to “as a way to create and communicate meaning” and Practice 3 of the Next Generation Science Standards: “Planning and carrying out investigations.”


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