UDbD – Understanding Design by Design

This year, GCAA teachers will be working with Linda Henke to develop a unit using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework.

Since I’ll be working with students to internalize design thinking in the Makerspace, I found the design approach to curriculum development to be incredibly valuable.  One activity had us outline a unit of study in 5 minutes using the 3 stages of UbD.

Stage 1: Identify Desired Results

Stage 2: Determine Acceptable Evidence

Stage 3: Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction Accordingly

Per the design process, this will be a yearlong endeavor with many iterations, but here’s an initial prototype of UDbD – a unit for the Makerspace.

(Stage 1) If the desired end result is for learners to . . . internalize design thinking such that they begin to treat everything in their lives as a design challenge;

(Stage 2) then you need evidence of the learners’ ability to . . . think like a designer via reflections and designs;

(Stage 3) then the learning events need to . . . have students explain design thinking, defend design thinking, invent with design thinking, provide critique of other designers, relate to other design approaches, and have them reflect on the design process.

Possible essential question – “How can we use design thinking to overcome everyday challenges?”


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