Tales from the GCAA Makerspace – Week 1

Many makerspace students have finished the orientation process, which allows them to begin work on the makerspace mini-grants, weekly design challenges, or other long-term projects.  Whereas orientation is a structured set of step-by-step tasks, the work following orientation is the heart of what our Makerspace is – a place where students have great ideas, work really hard, and make them happen.

For students who have completed the orientation, this concept of an “ideation lab” is already coming to fruition.

One student has been developing a  “GCAA” ink stamp for name badges to show that a student has completed the orientation process.  He designed a 3D printed stamp holder in Tinkercad, but realized that the plastic was not effective at providing a clean stamp.  This led to testing of cardboard, felt, and foam to mount on the stamp holder.


Stamp tests

Our weekly design challenges are updated every Wednesday, so that means we had a mini-challenge for the first three days of school:  “Build a chair that supports your weight.”  Many students submitted successful prototypes.


A couch!


Extra comfy!

On Wednesday, the challenge changed to “Design a game that can fit in a shoe box.”  One student saw this as an opportunity to use his makerspace time for an english class project.  He decided to build a board game for his assignment – to create an artistic representation of a Greek god/goddess.  His game, called Sisyphus, will have players control a 3D printed character to push a “boulder” up a mountain.

Another student is designing a game involving pirates.

Boat piece for a pirate game

Check out additional week 1 photos on our Flickr page!


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