Makerspace Project Highlights


N.R. was asked to design something to make school more awesome.  He brainstormed and is now working on a classroom zip line to distribute supplies!


M.C. has been working hard on an animation he designed in Scratch.
He creatively showed movement by having components in the foreground move faster than the background.


To help spark creativity, students were given 15 minutes and very limited supplies to design something that will help a student learn better.
This team made “Focus Glasses” to prevent distractions, and are now working on designing a locker shelf & lantern.


D.B and A.I. are working on a Mini-Lending Library, an idea inspired by parent Ms. Carlson-Casaregola.


The GCAA family community has been an amazing contributor of supplies to the Makerspace!
Thank you for your support!


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