Tales from the GCAA Makerspace – Weeks 2 & 3

With a majority of students through the Makerspace Orientation, there’s a new focus – independent projects.  Sometimes the hardest part of a project is thinking of an idea, and so a few students have been using DIY.org to help brainstorm.  DIY is a online community for young people to learn and share projects for a variety of skills – everything from “animation” to “systems administration.”  Students submit pictures/video of their projects via the app or website to earn badges.

One DIY.org-inspired project was E.F.’s instrument – part of the DIY.org “Cardboarder Badge.”  After a couple of iterations, it plays songs!

E.F.'s Instrument

E.F.’s Instrument

The Makerspace has also been utilized for a wide array of classroom projects.  Mr. Warren’s Design Class has been working on the Chess Army challenge.  Students have designed original/themed chess sets using Tinkercad.  Each student will 3D print one piece and then pitch the design to the class.  Two winners (by class vote) will have their entire sets printed for a classroom chess board.

Z.A.'s Chess Piece

Z.A.’s Chess Piece

Mr. Terrance’s Social Studies classes have been working on Native American themed projects.  One team is working on a DC motor-powered “Trail of Tears” diorama that shows the different seasons faced by Native Americans.  After three iterations, they overcame the technical challenge of building a mechanism spin the season-changing backdrop and have added a button to the circuit to control the spinning.

1st Iteration

1st Iteration

2nd Iteration

2nd Iteration

3rd Iteration

3rd Iteration (Video Link)


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