Makerspace Project Highlights


A.K is designing a pair of Google Glasses.  The third iteration of her design is pictured, which includes a 3D printed frame and attached web cam.  She has overcome many challenges in the design process.  She has been working on the project for over a month!


A.B. is working on a Toy Story animation project using Scratch, a website for designing animations and games.  He drew all of the characters and is developing the code to animate them.


E.F. & R.M. designed a poster for Ms. Breeden’s math class about how math and music are related.  They included information about note values, and learned about frequency and pitch.


A.R. is designing a ghost prop for Halloween.  She has been busy testing various configurations for a motor used to make the ghost move.


M.A. is designing a helicopter.  She has performed a wide array mini experiments to test various propellers, batteries, and structures.


C.D. learned a lot about circuitry with Arduino, a microcontroller that interfaces with various inputs and outputs.  Her favorite project is a program that uses a mini microphone to sense three knocks before turning a servo to lock & unlock a door.


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