Makerspace Project Highlights


As an entry into the latest Makerspace Mini Grant, J.C. and N.B. designed a model demonstrating household water flow and filtering.  They hope to refine the prototype for use as a demonstration in GCAA science classrooms.


A.J. is tired of cleaning out his blender every morning.  He wants to be able to take the blender with him and go!  He’s been prototyping a blender cup design to solve the problem.


A.W. and N.R. are using a “2 Mice/1 Monitor” technique to collaborate on programming a platform game on Scratch.  They are starting with the basic functions of the game, and adding features daily!


After a few iterations with varying wires and batteries, U.A. made a working electromagnet!  He hopes to eventually integrate it into a larger design project.


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