Makerspace: The Class?

A school wide need has been identified for a middle school course during periods 1A & 1B next semester.  We plan to submit the below course proposal for a Makerspace/Design Thinking class during those times.

If approved, the Makerspace would still be available for drop-ins for 2nd-4th period, as well as before school & after school.

  1. Course Title:  Design Thinking
  2. Course Overview
    Content Description:
  • Students will exit the course with a strong understanding of Design Thinking and how it can be utilized to approach everyday challenges.  The Design Thinking approach will be utilized with a wide variety of “maker tools” including cardboard/low-tech prototyping, circuitry, 3D printing, Video Game Design, and app development.   As a continuation of students’ formal STEAM education, this course will develop essential design skills with emphasis on reflection upon the process used.  In accordance with National Science Education Standards students will continue to and implement technology to improve their projects.The classroom could be considered constructionist/constructivist, because most projects depend on tapping into the prior knowledge of students so they can create new things with additional learning.  Much of the learning and sharing will take place through social media, and all projects must have either an individual, community, or global significance.Students who successfully complete the course having achieved these understandings will be in a significantly enhanced position for utilizing technology and approaching challenges with a Design Thinking mindset.  Due to the nature of STEM professions, this could potentially have a direct and positive impact on their income and quality of life.  In addition, the knowledge and upper level thinking skills developed throughout the year will be applicable for a wide range of careers and opportunities.

    Students will be invested in the course do to the freedom involved with project selection and publicity of the design process.  Throughout the course, students will maintain a public blog documenting the process and open to peer feedback. The course will also be rooted in the practical applications of design with a push to create globally applicable projects for each unit.   This will provide all students, even those not deeply interested in science, with an explicit form of the overarching understandings.

  • Duration (Semester, Year):  Semester
  • Other:
    Proposed units

Unit 1:  Intro to Design Thinking

Unit 2:  Cardboard/Low-Tech Prototyping

Unit 3:  Circuitry

Unit 4:  3D Modeling

Unit 5:  Video Game/Animation

Unit 6:  App Development


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