Inventions Submitted!

KMOV's Andre Hepkins stopped by to check out some of the inventions!

KMOV’s Andre Hepkins stopped by to check out some of the inventions!

In our Design Thinking Course we’ve been busy working on submissions for the ePals Invent It Challenge.  The process for inventing outlined by ePals is closely aligned to the model of design thinking we’ve been learning, and so it was a natural fit for the course.  Students brainstormed challenges, researched previous solutions, prototyped, tested, tweaked, and developed a marketing campaign for their inventions  They documented the entire process in their tome, and submitted pictures and notes to ePals.

Submissions were due today, and we’re pleased to have entered the following (with product teaser included):

B.A. – Customized locker organization system.  Based on your personality, choose a set of accessories to organize your locker!

J.B. – Hey Lefties, imagine if you could prevent the smudging on your hand while writing!  The “Lefty Blocker” will!

A.B. & D.D. – Capture a photo of people who enter your room with the A&D security system!

M.C. – This iPhone dock will keep your phone charged and room rocking!

D.C. – The Mouse Glove – control your computer with a glove.

M.D. – Feed your lizard without touching those nasty worms.

K.D. – Classroom space shaper.  Efficiently morph your classroom into any arrangement, from “cubicles” to a open circle!

C.G. – Community stray dog shelter.  This shelter includes all of the automated necessities for rescuing a stray dog.

A.G. – Solar Panel 2 Go Go.  Charge your phone on the go!

G.H. – Tired of losing your keys?  This invention “game-ifys” your evening routine!

S.J. – Are you feeling bored on the weekends or during summer?  Visit the Bored Box – “Boredom no more!”

K.J. – Is your water bottle condensation getting all over important paperwork?  Not anymore!

E.L. – The NEW Tool Belt.  It’s flexible, versatile, and durable!

N.L. – This helmet will make your morning routine much more bearable and efficient.

R.L. – Binderize your life with the new space saver!

S.L. & S.S. – Is your younger sibling constantly asking you for help on homework?  Check out the “Sibling Helper App!”

C.M. – Having trouble remembering tasks?  The cat app never forgets!

D.M. – What if our lockers had TV?  Now they can!

M.M. – This sliding door system makes it easy to find the books or paperwork you need.

S.P. – Introducing the “Book Bag.”  Read your books in the bath!

P.P. – This robotic tire cleaner will keep your hubcaps squeaky clean!

M.S. – Sibling sneaking into your room?  They’ll be scared straight with the “Room Guard.”

R.S. – Grab that item that’s just out of reach!

T.S. – The Go Garden – like a pet rock, but with a living plant!

B.T. – Use hotkeys with 1 push!

M.W. – This bed mounted organizer will prevent lost items.

D.W. – “Helping Hand” – this device will turn pages without using a hand!
Winners will be announced 5/2!


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