“The Neighborhood Ninja” featured at STL Global Game Jam


Congrats to James for his excellent work on “The Neighborhood Ninja!”

This weekend, GCAA 7th grader & Makerspace Student, James participated in the St. Louis Global Game Jam at UMSL.  249 participants designed a total of 42 games.

The theme, “What do we do now?” was unveiled on Friday evening.  James brainstormed ideas and worked on his game for a total of 26 hours.  He led all aspects of the project, including the game development, programming, and art asset design.

Perhaps more impressive is that at the conclusion of the event, James presented his game in front of a packed UMSL auditorium with over 200 people!


“The Neighborhood Ninja” is a platformer designed in Scratch.

Special thanks to Wes Ehrlichman, Jonathan Leek, UMSL, and the many STL Game Jam volunteers for putting on a great event!

Here’s more info about James’s game: “The Neighborhood Ninja.”

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