We need your junk!

As students tinker in the makerspace, it will be important that they have a wealth of “junk” from which to prototype their inventions.  Your support collecting the materials listed below is greatly appreciated.  While these items will contribute to the creative learning experience of our students, please don’t feel as if you must purchase any of these materials.

Thank you for your support!

Priority needs:

-batteries (working)

Small working or broken electronics (smaller than a loaf of bread).

-construction paper

-markers (permanent & washable)

-paper towel/toilet paper rolls

-tape (duct, electrical, masking, packing, painters)

-working USB mice

Other needs:

-Honeycomb Cardboard

-Yarn, ribbon, rope, and thread

-Small “junk drawer” craft items (shells, buttons, corks, marbles, CDs, round lids, etc.)

-Craft materials (felt, popsicle sticks, markers, crayons, pencils, etc.)

-Circuitry (resistors, buzzers, LEDs, colored wire, DC motors, working batteries, battery holders, gator clips, etc.)

-LEGO/K’Nex/Erector Set

-Containers with lids (coffee, oatmeal, shoeboxes)

-Ziploc Bags

-Office Supplies (binder & paper clips, fasteners, file folders, envelopes)


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